Our Services:

At DBK Home, we specialize in residential interiors with a focus on whole home, kitchen and bath renovations. We happily assist our clients with any full room renovation, no matter the scope of work or the size of the room. We can even assist you with your exterior design plans, whether it be a patio space, a front deck or just selecting the right paint colors, we can assist you with all of your design needs.

We will work together to discover your overall style and specific needs for the space so that we can create a place that not only looks beautiful, but works beautifully too. Our overall goal in every project is to create a place that evokes the feelings of home to you.

Our Process:

The first step of our process is to complete our inquiry form so we can connect with you to discuss your project. Once we’ve had a chance to connect, we will get our initial consultation scheduled, where we will come out to the house and see the space(s) in question. We will go over the details of the room, the wants and needs for the new space and confirm a budget. From there we can build out your project proposal.  

With your proposal, you will receive a design mood board, details of what is covered in the process, and appropriate time frame for the work and a payment schedule. Your project proposal will include materials and design fees, however you will be responsible for hiring your own contractor and that budget will be separate.

“We made some bold color and materials choices that paid off so well in the end...”

When I first reached out to Krystle to help me remodel my kitchen, I wondered if I would turn out to be a "difficult" client. I showed up with a stack of Pinterest photos, a "vision," and a very specific idea of what I wanted to accomplish. (This project is now listed under the project [Upcycled Kitchen])

Krystle was immediately on board, both in expanding my ideas and in editing them, bringing a professional eye to my decisions and helping me to understand the choices and ramifications before me. She was polite, passionate, and always willing. Perhaps most importantly, she was familiar enough with various product lines and types that she was able to curate a selection of choices for me on every option - from the plumbing fixtures to the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls - which was crucial in avoiding decision fatigue. Before long, we had refined my "vision" into a real plan of action, including the re-use of about 75% of the existing structures. We zeroed in on what had to be replaced or re-built and what could be kept and given fresh life. Krystle brought an excellent sense of adventure to the project, and together we made some bold color and materials choices that paid off so well in the end that even the contractor was impressed. 

I really appreciated that can-do optimism more than I can say. It was important to me to re-use what we had whenever possible, both in terms of not wasting resources and for using the budget wisely, and we succeeded beyond our combined expectations. Krystle was never short of options on the best way to get the most impact for the dollars spent. 

Krystle does not do her own construction, but she was a great construction manager - always willing to take the time to explain processes to me, provide backup when issues arose, liaise with the contractor, and be on-site for the crucial moments such as countertop placement.

-Devra Goldberg

“[Krystle] was patient, knowledgeable and a great listener when it came to understanding our overall vision.”

We recently wrapped up our master bath renovation which we had contemplated, prepared for and looked forward to for several years. Krystle Pickens was certainly a wonderful resource to have in this project. She was patient, knowledgeable and a great listener when it came to understanding our overall vision; and although we had already very definite ideas about the major elements, she was able to give us sound advice with regards to style and design choices on many details to pull it together into a cohesive design. 

Additionally, we feel that her biggest contribution to the project came long before the finalizing and focusing on design details. Our single biggest challenge in this renovation was our limited available space and the placement of a tub, shower etc... We had worked with several contractors and architects over a timespan of two years to find the best solution to our somewhat intricate puzzle, but ultimately it was Krystle who was able to make key contributions that allowed us to move forward with her final layout. 

We would certainly recommend Krystle without hesitation to anyone embarking on similar projects.

-Dirk R.