Project AND: A look at the Kitchen and Bathroom Design Plans

Project AND is a whole home renovation that is touching every room in the house of a really sweet couple. The house was purchased from family, and after 5 years of living in a home they never really loved aesthetically, they have made the decision to get rid of the popcorn ceilings and really make it their own.

I’m so excited to be the one who gets to help them on this journey, and I love their fun sense of style. They are willing to take some risks design wise, and make selections they love, but they do want to keep resale in mind, so in some areas we are taming it down and in others, we are really making our mark.

Here’s a look at some of the larger spaces before:

Our primary focuses for the project are the kitchen, dining room and hall bath. We are also fully making over the entryway, the guest room, and the master bedroom, and then the living room and office are getting facelifts through updated floors, paint and lighting.

For the kitchen, we wanted to do a warm gray cabinet color with warm brass accents pulling through in the hardware and lighting. Here’s a look at what we put together:

Perfect Warm Gray Kitchen with Brass Accents

Light, Faucet, Cabinet knobs and pulls; Counters, tile and cabinetry all ordered locally.

For the bathroom, we wanted to do something a little more funky. We went with navy blue cabinets and simple tile overall with a bold patterned tile for the niche. I can’t wait to see this space come together! We pulled out the black in the accent tile to frame out the mirrors and kept the rest of the details chrome and white to balance it out and keep it classic. Here’s a look at the selections:

Navy and Geometric Bathroom Design Plans

Lights, Mirrors, Faucets, Cabinet knobs; Counters, tile, cabinetry, etc., ordered locally.

The current status of this project is that the last few materials have been delivered and they will be installing all of the cabinetry, tile and appliances soon. That is quickly followed by counters and then all of the pretty little details!

I can’t wait to get back on site to check in and I’ll share more of the design details for the rest of the spaces as it starts coming together. You can always follow progress on our social media using the project hashtag (#dbkprojectAND). Feedback is my favorite, feel free to leave a comment here to let us know what you think!

Selling our First Home

E8 Living Room

It has been almost a month since we sold our condo and I wanted to bring the blog back to share some of the journey with you. When we bought the condo, it looked completely different. We DIY’d that baby to perfection (our lived in version anyway) starting on day one!

The first thing we did once we closed on the condo almost five years ago was start ripping out the wall-to-wall carpet in the bedroom. Over the course of those years and a few One Room Challenge’s to encourage us to get it done, we put our own spin on every nook and throughout each room.

E8 Entry

In addition to updating the rooms, we upgraded our family. Brantley came home with us when we had only been there a few months. We planned our wedding and honeymoon from the living room over many late nights. And we brought home our sweet little Eleanor there too. It was our first home as husband and wife, the first place we owned and could put our spin on, and our first place as a family.

E8 Kitchen

The upgrades we made were many, we added storage and optimized the existing storage to max out the little space we had. We painted every wall (at least once), refinished every floor-board, replaced all the light fixtures (except the bathroom, that sad light never got updated!). We updated the kitchen, painted the cabinets, added custom window treatments to in a few of the rooms, accessorized as we lived, decorated with things we loved, and we grew so much within that space that was home.

E8 Bathroom

Despite it’s many flaws, that place will always feel special to me. But it was time to move on. Being that we had outgrown the space basically as soon as Eleanor came home, we needed to get a house with more than one bedroom. Anyway, we did find a place and we did sell the condo (all of which you already know if you follow along on Instagram), but I wanted to take a minute to just share the final space we left behind… take this opportunity to commemorate the condo and officially officially say goodbye. (I definitely cried when we walked out the door for the last time.)

E8 Bedroom

Everything we did there truly paid off when we got an offer within the first week on the market. The little things you do make a big difference in your daily life but they also will pay off in the end. The big things you do will have an even larger affect and I’m so glad we did them while we were living in the condo so that we could enjoy the changes we made every day! We did decide to leave all the light fixtures behind, and although the chandelier in the living room made me smile every time I came home, we bought it for that space and I trust the new people will enjoy it just as much!

E8 Living Room-2

Our next step from here is buying our new home, a centuries old row house that needs more than a little TLC, and we couldn’t be more excited to be embarking on the challenge. More on that in the next post!


You can see more pictures of the condo here, and you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram for more regular updates!

xo, K